With Summer 2023 in the books, we are already looking forward to Summer 2024! We will be working hard in the off-season to prepare Tadmor for another incredible summer season. To keep up with what's happening at Tadmor, you can check out our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook. See you next summer!

Summer Can't Get Here Soon Enough

Junior Camp

Entering grade 3-6

This week is a Full Camp Program that follows our summer theme designed for our youngest campers.

Circle T Ranch

Entering grade 3-6

This 4-day western camp is programmed to create an environment of fun, resulting in growing relationships with Christ and others. Activities include lake time, giant swing, night games, and even a hay ride.

Middle School Camp

Entering grade 6-8

Join us for some crazy excitement including stealthy night games, bumpin' parties, zany skits, and amazing worship. With positive cabin and team environments, every middle schooler has a place to belong at Tadmor.

High School Camp

Entering grade 9-12

We pull out all the stops for these camps with a blend of over-the-top programming, special worship sessions, and upgraded activities. We create a relaxed atmosphere where high schoolers are free to explore the issues facing them with their counselors and fellow campers.


Contact Brian Smith at [email protected] 541-451-4270 (ext. 705) for programming questions, or email us at [email protected].

2024 Schedule and Prices

2024 Schedule Coming Soon


Tadmor is most well known known for our summer program, and we have been able to serve thousands through this ministry between the months of June and August every year since 1971. Our goal and priority has always been to serve the church, and the decisions we make about summer registration are very much a part of that. We are grateful for every camper who has set foot on this property over the years, and it makes us very excited to see campers have an experience that impacts their relationship with Christ, and we are grateful for those that come with churches and have their youth leaders who can come alongside them as they continue back to their communities after their week of camp.


Contact Brian Smith at [email protected] 541-451-4270 (ext. 705) for programming questions, or email us at [email protected].