Upcoming Events

Pastors' Wives Retreat

For women whose husbands are in pastoral or missionary ministry including those between churches, widowed or in retirement.

Growth Getaway

Growth Getaway 2022 is focused on RENOVATION, how we can renovate and restore our communities using the tool of the Gospel. Just as we receive love, grace, and forgiveness from God, we are called to extend it to others. Gospel-Centered communities are made up of Gospel believers, and when we help others believe the Gospel through our words and actions, we are cultivating our culture to be one that walks in the truth and light of the Good News.

Winter Youth Celebration

The conference is aimed at high school students and is full of intense learning, deep relationship building, and a huge celebration of who God is.

Summer Camp

Like when the pioneers arrived in Oregon, we have arrived in a new way of life. God is faithful to use our previous experiences to help us with our future.

Women's Camp

We envision an event to bring groups of women from our community of churches together for a time of Refreshment away from normal routines and responsibilities where women are Encouraged to look beyond themselves to build community and redemptive relationships. Women will be Stimulated and challenged to see God's perspective in their lives and have their hearts redirected towards God.

Sons of Thunder

This gathering is aimed at providing a space for the men of your church to live out their calling of healthy fatherhood. The weekend is not driven by new information on how to be a father or son, but by intentional experiences that allow you to be dad and boys to be sons as God intended. This is also a great event to bring the boys that God has put in your path who do not have a father in their home.