Growth Getaway

2 Weekends

November 4-6, 2022 at Camp Tadmor
November 11-13, 2022 at Camp Tadmor

Growth Getaway 2022 is focused on RENOVATION, how we can renovate and restore our communities using the tool of the Gospel. Just as we receive love, grace, and forgiveness from God, we are called to extend it to others. Gospel-Centered communities are made up of Gospel believers, and when we help others believe the Gospel through our words and actions, we are cultivating our culture to be one that walks in the truth and light of the Good News.

Growth Getaway

Growth Getaway is an event aimed at surfacing and training middle school students to be next-generation church influencers and leaders. Come join us with other church groups from around the northwest and let Tadmor take care of the program of a weekend event. This event gets to tap into all the fun stuff at Tadmor while leaving time for students and leaders to connect and build relationships.

Directions to Camp Tadmor

Registration and Prices

Prices Per Person for 2022

  November 4-6
at Camp Tadmor
November 11-13
at Camp Tadmor
Female Sponsor $90 $90
Female Student $90 $90
Male Sponsor $90 $90
Male Student $90 $90

If you have any questions about registration, please contact Cora Tuneberg at [email protected] or 541-451-4270.


Polar Plunge
Small Group Time
Small Group Time
Night Games
Night Games
Hot Chocolate Bar

What to Bring

Warm Coat
Sleeping Bag and Pillow
Pencils Pens
Swimsuit for Polar Plunge (optional)
Warm Winter Clothes
Extra Socks