Mission Trip to Tadmor

Many of you had your church or youth group mission trip canceled this year. What if you were able to do it anyway? Tadmor has been busting at the seams with campers for the last 49 years and is showing the signs of this use. Perhaps this is our "Year of Jubilee" where God allows us to do a massive reset for Tadmor's next season of ministry (see Leviticus 25). While we cannot run overnight camps this summer, we can host volunteer groups. We have put together week-long "mission trips" where groups of up to 25 people can serve in a variety of ways, have some meaningful time as a group, and have a little fun too. These trips run Sunday evening through Friday morning. The base cost for room and board is $95 per person. Additionally, you will need to pick a project at a price point and an area of skill that your group feels called to take on. This is not just for youth groups, any group within the church is invited to tackle one of these trips. Click here for a list of projects and how to get connected. We would love to have your group out here on mission this summer.

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If you would like more information about bringing your group, email [email protected]

Project List

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July 2020