Camp Map


Accommodates up to 240

The Evergreen area can be utilized in many different ways. Every Evergreen arrangement includes meeting and dining space. While staying in Evergreen use of the lodge and dining hall is included. Lodging areas can be arranged to meet your group's needs. Please allow us to personalize your arrangement. Click here for photos.

River Cabins

Accommodates up to 99

There are 9 cabins, each sleeping 11, in the River area that overlooks Cedar Creek. A recently remodeled restroom is centrally located to serve this area. Click here for photos.

Mountain Cabins

Accommodates up to 121

Conveniently located near the Evergreen Dining Hall and Lodge, you will find the Mountain Cabin area. With a total of 11 cabins, each sleeping 11, and a centrally located restroom you will have everything your group needs. Click here for photos.

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Cascade Center, Optional Add-on

Accommodates up to 25

The Cascade Center consists of the Cascade Cabin, an A-frame cabin which houses 6 people, and the Cascade Deck (6 rooms which are entered from an open deck and share a centrally located bathroom.) Five rooms have two bunk beds for a total of 4 individuals in each room; and one room has a queen size bed. Click here for photos.


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Accommodates up to 45

The Lakehouse is a 3 bedroom/3 bath home with a large living room that provides a great group meeting area. A full kitchen and dining area are located next to the Lakehouse. Tucked behind the Lakehouse are the Lakeside Dorms; which house 45 people. Click here for photos.

Meadow Ridge

Description coming soon. Click here for photos.

Entire Camp

Accommodates up to 285

If your group is looking for exclusive use of everything Tadmor has to offer, this is the option for you. Entire Camp includes all the Evergreen and Lakeside accomodations plus, ensures your private use of the whole camp.

Tent/Trailer Camping

Tadmor's natural surrounding offer nice camping opportunities. RV and trailer ammenities are limited. Call for more details.