SALT Team (Service and Leadership Training)

Time commitment: Jun 15 - Aug 18.*

Must be 17 years of age by Jun 24.
Scholarships Availabile

This program is designed to help develop your relational skills and your value of community. You will be working on a tight-knit team of other servant leaders. Some of your summer will be invested in learning counseling skills firsthand while you serve in a cabin alongside one of our counselors. The other weeks will be invested working on projects, staffing our afternoon activities i.e. paintball, blob, etc., as well as going through material that will give you a deeper understanding of who you are in Christ.

Our Staff Positions Include:

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*Note: Time restraints may be approved by the program director and need to be pre-approved during the hiring process. There is space on the application for all requests. We value people and understand the obligations of schooling, weddings, etc. and want to make our best effort to approach each request holistically.


If you have any questions about the application process, please call 541-451-4270, x21 for assistance.