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ROMDAT (Radical Ongoing Ministry Done After Tadmor)

Camp Tadmor believes its success is measured by the strength of the local churches it serves. To better serve our local churches, each member of our summer staff will perform Radical Ongoing Ministry Done After Tadmor or ROMDAT (Tadmor spelled backwards).

Just as we desire each camper to leave with a new or deeper understanding of Christ, we desire our staff's relationship and commitment to Christ to grow as well. In our constant effort to grow and multiply disciples, we want the summer staff's experience to be a springboard for involvement in your local church.

Each summer staff member will individually select a ministry in which they will be involved after Tadmor's summer camping season is completed. The level of commitment and variety of ministry will depend upon each individual. Our only requirement for a ROMDAT is that it consists of a regularly scheduled local church ministry each month beginning in September and continuing throughout the school year. Each summer staff member will be required to submit his or her plan for fulfilling their ROMDAT requirement by September. Each ROMDAT needs to be approved by your local church leadership.

Our Staff Positions Include:

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