Program Team

Time commitment: Jun 10 - Aug 18.*

Must be 19 years of age by Jun 24.
Stipend Provided

If you like to think, create, work hard and entertain, then this is where you belong. Applicants for Program Team need to be creative, flexible, and engaging as well as demonstrate a high level of maturity, self-motivation, and discipline. We have openings for the following program positions (all positions report to the program leads when their primary duties are complete):

  • Program Lead Creative - This person must have creative gifting and be able to lead others to use their creativity as well. This must include the ability to capture an audience, create skits, bring entertainment to games, and disciple team members.
  • Program Lead Support - This person must have significant organizational skills so that Program Team members get to the right place at the right time with the right supplies. An overall gifting in logistics and time management is necessary for this position. The ability to disciple and care for team members is required.
  • Recreation Facilitator - This person will work in conjunction with the program leads to create group rec games and group night games that will result in a fun camp experience and support the summer theme.
  • Ropes Course Facilitator - This person will oversee the safety and use of the ropes course for the summer. Every afternoon will be spent at the course, communicating and instructing safe course usage and connecting God's truth to the challenge the course provides.
  • Head Lifeguard - This person will oversee the waterfront in several key categories: Performance and schedule of other guards, organization of the waterfront, safe and fun usage of each of the waterfront activities, and the cleanliness of the lakefront area, including sport courts.
  • Lifeguard - This person will join other lifeguards in ensuring camper safety on the waterfront, mostly during the afternoons. Lifeguard certification is available through camp shortly before the summer begins. When not on duty as a lifeguard, the program leads will plug the lifeguards into other programmatic elements of camp.
  • Worship Facilitator - This person will help assemble a team from the summer staff that will lead the camp in worship on a nightly basis. Musical talent, a servant's heart, and the ability to lead others are all skills required for this position.
  • AV Tech - This person is responsible for operating sound and video projection equipment during worship, rec games, and evening events. A basic understanding of soundboards, speakers, microphones and production software are required.
  • Videographer - This person will shoot, edit and produce a video for the campers to purchase during every session of camp. Additionally, several programmatic videos will need to be made throughout the course of the summer to enhance the summer program.
  • Office Assistant - This person will work in the office during the day, answering phone calls and assisting the registrar. Verbal/written communication skills and attention to details are important for this position. In the evenings, this person will help with programming either in Evergreen with the middle/high school campers or at Circle T with the junior campers. For a more detailed description, please email

Our Staff Positions Include:

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*Note: Time restraints may be approved by the program director and need to be pre-approved during the hiring process. There is space on the application for all requests. We value people and understand the obligations of schooling, weddings, etc. and want to make our best effort to approach each request holistically.


If you have any questions about the application process, please call 541-451-4270, x21 for assistance.