There are thousands of different ways to spend your summer. Some of them might involve getting that summer job you always wanted at Taco Bell and saving money, others might involve staying up late every night gaming. Still more options might be hanging out with friends and talking about how little there is to do where you live. I want to invite you to prayerfully consider how you might make an eternal difference with this three-month period of time God has given you called "the summer."

At Tadmor, we offer you the opportunity to use your gifts to impact students for Christ. In this context we will also make an investment in you so that you are challenged to grow in your walk with the Lord and your ability to share that with others. In doing this, your summer will be wrung out for the sake of the gospel and God will be glorified through your choice.

I am well aware there are things you could do that would make more money and there are things you could do that would be more self-satisfying, but pursuing this option will make an eternal impact on both the campers' lives and yours. I spent six summers working at camp through high school and college. I do not regret a single summer I worked and believe the sacrifices were worth it. I think you will find the same to be true if you are willing to take a faith-filled risk and join our team.

James (Maverick) Garner
Program Director

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